Friday, 30 May 2014

Before and After

The Great Renovation begins! It's the parents' downsized new house. A Grade II listed former mill in a conservation area (cue major red tape headaches) in Somerset near Bath. As is evident it is VERY dated but luckily the majority of the work is cosmetic, not structural. Lots of compromise, the biggest being going from lovely Georgian ceilings to low ones, although they aren't quite as low as they appear in photos. Dad is 6ft and clears everything comfortably, although the staircase is a little tight.


Living Room

(We are planning on removing this and having a proper stone and slate extension as a dining room) Alas the castle isn't ours....

Garage and garage loft


Utility room

Dining Room

Bathroom #1
Probably going to completely remove this and turn it into a small office or art store


Bedroom #2
(this will be the new master, as the current master will become the library)

Bathroom #2

Upstairs loo
(which we will make the utility room)

Master Bedroom:

Bedroom #3

Loft room
Soon to be 4th bedroom

Wish us luck....