Friday, 28 December 2012

No cause for Little Whinging...

David Heyman's (of Harry Potter Producing fame) ultra glam wife has done wonders to an outdated London mansion. It's beautiful, but I can't help thinking a little over styled and cold. The house has been nicknamed "Hogwart's House" by locals, but I think it's crying out for some more Potterisation, like one of the giant chess pieces from Chamber of Secrets (I tried to nick one once, the daughter of a WB big wig was in a play with me at Oxford and we used them for the set), one of the large corridor portraits or suits of armour or even some of the paraphernalia from Dumbledore's office.

But if that's not Harry Potter enough for you, there is always the house he was born in, which is currently on the market:

Hobbit-like habitation...

Make like a Middle-Earthian and burrow in:

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tumblr style...

New year, new "inspiration" folder. 
So I need to purge the old. Hence the deluge of yummy interiors. 
Take cover.