Thursday, 14 March 2013

More light, Vicar?...

I love this design for bouncing light into a room. The mirrors also makes the windows look twice the size. When I finally secure my London pad I'll probably look into constructing them, although on 3 sides only, with a window seat. The depth should make an ideal bookcase. 

Also intrigued by the "fake" lights on the market. Haven't seen one in the flesh, but might save an otherwise dingy bathroom.

And along those lines, light boxes can give the impression of skylights.  PLUS you're bound to have at least one friend who gets really confused about the skylight in the middle of a basement flat...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


The most beautiful chocolate easter eggs around. 
Queen of food porn.

And some non edibles

Crystal clear...

Think ghost chair, think Starck right?

Well, there is a new contender. Drift have developed this wonderfully alluring encased wafting smoke series, also called Ghost. They look amazing, although quite boxy to sit on. I shall go perch in a showroom and report back.

They also make these etherial dandelion lights, which contrast perfectly with their copper and cement casings. Want.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Colour My Mood...

Creative crayons for grown-ups. I'll never be able to view a kid's drawing the same again:

Pretty In Pink...

2013 is meant to be the year of emerald green, but I see more and more pink creeping in. Probably the colour most in need of a re-brand, I thought I'd give it a bit of a push by collating some pictures of stunning pink front doors. Did you know that at the start of the 19th century pink was the colour you always dressed little boys in! Some how it did a full gender 180, and got marginalised in the process. What a shame, as a smattering of it really brightens up a space.