Thursday, 8 November 2012

Togo or not to togo, that is the question...

So, my parents are moving from Australia to the UK and debate has broken out as to whether or not our set of Ligne Roset come too. We had the whole Togo set, bought in the mid 70s, in a delightful shade of 70s brown. Oddly enough, only one has perished (I think they and cockroaches will rule post nuclear apocalypse) and technically with a recover they should be good as new. Annoyingly (and rather rudely) Ligne Roset said they refused to recover them or supply new covers, as they consider any sofa over 7 years to be defunct. Hardly the customer service you'd expect from such a respected brand, and a little worrying as to their idea of quality. But we could get other people to recover them, the question is more do we go for style over substance: they look good, especially in bright orange, and are 20th century design icons. You can have guests sleep comfortably on them, as a child I could flip them over and build obstacle courses and to buy them new costs a small fortune (about £16,000 for the set we have). But all that aside, they are bloody uncomfortable! So low they are hard to get in and out of, and too far set back to be able to reach your wine glass. If you spill something on them it gets absorbed instantly, then spat out the next time you sit on them.
So yay or nay for the sofas?
Dad on our togos 1980:

How good they can look:

Other people's shiny togos:


  1. Definitely keep the togos!

  2. Bright blue FTW!

  3. Let me know if you find someone to cover them and they do a good job!

  4. Hi, I know this post was ages ago but I was just wondering if you found anyone to reupholster the sofas? I to have inherited my parents 70's togo's in the same lovely colours as yours.