Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Small but perfectly formed...

Just because it is a studio, doesn't mean it can't be grand. I love that instead of carving up the space (as it probably would make a cramped 1 bed) they've decided to make the most of a large, light room.
Cornicing doesn't look original but certainly looks really good and adds to the chic arty vibe.
Also you know how obsessed I am with black floors and white walls. And the faux doorway with the mirror is a clever way to give the illusion of more rooms.


  1. Never seen black floors with white walls before. It looks very chic. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your Room D├ęcor. I can see from the first picture, the green color is being the best option. Although the green is not the main color, I still can see that it is becoming the great combination. Meanwhile, if I do not like to have bright color, I can choose calm color such as white. As I know that white color is great color, because it will suit with other color. Also for the furniture, I can use corner cabinet. But I have to make sure that the material is good. make-a-statement