Sunday, 23 September 2012


The master of female furniture is surely Allen Jones. Best known for Kubrick's Korova Milk Bar homage (as Jones refused to create the works for free).

Jones' sculptures are known as 'forniphallic', and when they first appeared in the early 70s were an instant international sensation. I think the set below (with Allen in his flat) was produced as an edition of 5, one of which was bought by Kym Bonython and destroyed in a bush fire, one is in Belgium in the home of a wealthy collector, and I think the other have been split and are scattered in galleries around the world (the Tate has the chair, Moma has the table). They are definitely high on my "when I win the lotto" list.

Other purveyors of kinky homewares include:

Peter Rolfe's Dali inspired drawers

Kobi Levi's 'Blow-up Doll' shoes

Jonas Lönborg's chandelier 

And some other notable naughtiness:

And just to gender balance, there is "The Butler" table by Ron Gilad

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