Thursday, 6 September 2012

The stuff of legend...

The craze shows no signs of slowing down (perhaps I'll keep my cat off the streets of Shoreditch from now on), so here are some of the more whimsical and masterful taxidermy treasures.

Not so much taxidermy as mythical beast construction, the works of Enrique Gomez De Molina are as intriguing as they are haunting. I'm featuring them on this blog, as I feel to cover taxidermy and leave him out would do a disservice, but I'm hesitant to promote his work, as he is currently serving a jail sentence for having several endangered and protected species slaughtered for his works. Part of the charm of taxidermy is that it usually saves and preserves something with has already dead.

Now an artist who makes a point about always using roadkill is Shoreditch stunner Polly Morgan. Kate Moss is a big fan, and you can see why. There's something wonderfully fairy tale-ish about the Sleeping Beautyesque settings.
I'm not sure who this now infamous hallways belongs to, I remember first seeing it on the cover of World of Interiors in Dec last year and having to buy 2 copies.

The "Idiot Parrot" headphones. 

Seagull lamps.

Inspired to buy? Head to Deyrolle in Paris

Inspired, but not enough to buy? Head to Les Trois Garcons. But don't tell anyone else. It's my favourite restaurant in London and I don't want it too crowded.

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