Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Super supper...

The Pale Blue Door is back. If you're in London and fancy a laugh, I heartily recommend it. Ok, so the food isn't great (rubberiest beef ever!), the included wine is undrinkable and it's quite expensive, but it's a fantastic way to spend an evening (especially if you head to Passing Clouds afterwards!) 
For the uninitiated, you book a place at dinner, turn up to Tony's house in Dalston, which is "Shoreditched" to within an inch of its life, and then enjoy the dinner, chat and party with the other diners whilst Tony and friends do a drag show. Half art installation half pop up restaurant, all giggle.


We tried on all the clothes, which it turns out you're not meant to do, but if you're quick there are some fun photos to be had.

Then to work off the heavy dinner, skip down the lane to Passing Clouds and jiving till 3

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