Friday, 3 August 2012

Designer Envy...

Another day, another set of coveted dwellings. Today it's from the Turkish interior stylists at Autoban, whose aesthetic I rate highly. In their Tunel property I love the marriage of stripped back loft style bricks and ornate townhousey cornicing. It looks easy to replicate, but I suspect the overall effect would be quite hard to achieve as everything in there is super designer and screams quality and if you used reproduction goods it just wouldn't have that sheen. Without wanting to be too practical, I also suspect that unless you could pay someone to dust in all those brickwork cracks, that zesty white would be marred by dust in a matter of days.

The same blend of traditional features with modern colour schemes and scandi furniture continues in their other projects, such as the Beyoglu apartment they did in 2006. And mirrored tiles in the kitchen - years before anyone else.

Their staple style takes in a slightly more Parisian feel in the Ayazpasa house

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  1. LOve the bricks-never thought those long narrow continental rooms could look so good. Auntie's on speed.