Sunday, 26 August 2012

Festival frivolities...

Wish to avoid tent related amnesia this festival season?

Field Candy to the rescue with their eye catching, witty and memorable tents. Not only will you be able to find yours, but other people are unlikely to come stumbling in. And they are cooler than Kate Moss in sequinned short shorts.

In BBC like non bias reporting, I should point out that "other tents are available".
For more novelty value there is:
The VW Kombi Camper, which at £299 seems a bit of a bargain. 

Fred's Tents will print the inside of tents:

Heritage Tents run a sweet number in medieval stylee pavilions:

This Dr Who tent's sides unzip to make it a full sized 3/4 person tent:

And whilst on British icons, there is the Tube Tent:

Viking style tents are also very striking:

As are replica Tipis and Tipi styles

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