Saturday, 19 May 2012

8 bit of fun....

 So pixellated furniture is nothing new, Design Milk did a very good round up of their favourites in March, but I'm having "new notebook" syndrome, where the anxiety to start a fresh page with something brilliant prevents me from ever putting pen to paper. So I'm just diving in with a less-than-original but still note worthy trend.

If you haven't already come across him, Christian Zuzunaga is the undisputed king of all things pixellated. He's a London based fabric designer who has collaborated with the likes of Ligne Roset and Moroso.

Studio Nucleo a Turin based design collective have produced some stunning 3D pixel(ish) pieces, which manage to be both 'of the time' and timeless.

Designer Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs has put a witty spin on his block based cabinetry with his 'Spineless Side Tables' and his 'Label Whore Cabinets'  made from old book spines and jeans tags. Other pixelly collections of his include his delightful (if impractical) Abc123 kids collection, and his magnificent Concreations.

No pixellation list would be complete without a nod to Rod Arad's Do Low Rez carpets and blocks. The colour combinations are superb and they will lift the mood in any room.

If a carpet just isn't enough, you could always give David Jameson Architect Inc a call and get them to rustle you up a pad like this one:  

And inside it you would surely adorn the walls with works by up-and-coming artist Laura Rivett, whose Mona Lisa's pixels follow you round the room...

Or if your walls need more 'Pop' you go straight to the master himself, Paolozzi, whose prints come up quite often at multiples sales at Christies, or here if you can't wait that long.

And a few others that caught my eye

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