Saturday, 19 May 2012

Notebooks I met and liked...

Now I have a friend who is notoriously hard to buy presents for, who also happens to spend her entire life husband hunting (her pursuits are a Mitford novel in themselves). She's currently in France, having invited herself to an acquaintance's chateau in the hope that a particular suitor who is road tripping around France  is bound to drop by (as said castle owning acquaintance is actually an old school friend of the would be suitor) so thus, I find myself having to find a present that is small and easy to post. I had all but given up hope, when a small display table at Selfridges caught my eye.....
Perfect. She has enough Etonian encounters to fill several of these delightful notebooks, and as Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape is usually involved, often needs reminding. 

If you are able to keep abreast of the number of Etonians you have slept with, or you're more into Harrovians, perhaps one of their other titles will appeal. 

Notebooks for friends and foes - by Archie Grand

And if you're after something stronger, head to Etsy


  1. Where do I buy these??

  2. Alas no paulines you have met and liked? But I imagine one you wanted to punch in the face.