Sunday, 27 May 2012

Magic mirrors...

 The “Mizukagami” (water mirror) series by Rikako Nagashima and  Hideto Hyoudou, an acrylic mirror that appears to drip down walls, off table and statues, and even form puddles complete with ripples should grace the pages of any design blog worth its salt (or should that be bytes?). It's a curious concept, whilst being fun and Dali-esque its also a little hallucinogenic and disturbing. As the mirror isn't useful in the traditional sense (unless you want to see up your skirt?) there is a faint aura of death and a reminder of mortality associated with the piece.

Whilst on the subject of quirky mirrors, these too have grabbed my attention: 
All of Ron Gilad's mirrors are amazing, particularly the ones he designed for Dilmos (the little men are very John Davies!

Thomas Eurlings' faded mirror makes anyone look like a soft focused Victorian

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  1. love this's very Alice in Wonderland