Saturday, 26 May 2012

The writing is on the wall, and the floor, and the...

Once the reserve of nurseries and trendier-than-thou cafes, numerical and alphabetical wallpaper and furniture is now a household staple. 
Clockwise from below left: Wall & Deco, Wall & Deco, Grandeco Wallcoverings, Tres Tintas range from Tangletree Interiors, Basso and Brooke Wallpapers, Wall & Deco, Mr Persweall.

Artist Marc Ruygrok has been dishing up these tables since the 80s, creating his own unique vocabulary (for figuratively and literally...)

Richard Mollon's Anita "LOVE" shelf, Scrabble pillows by CounterCouture via Etsy, oversized "M" Letter Furniture by Set26, "W" cocktail table by designer Jason Phillips Design, "Will Be Read" bookshelves by Mebrure Oral.

Wallpaper by Wall & Deco. Cast linguistic shadows with the Letter Lamp by Pallette Industries. Cabinet by Wary Meyers.

Alphabetical seating; all 26 letters, and I'm assured they are comfy, by designer Roeland Otten

Assorted lounge furniture by Tabisso

"8" Table by Fontable, Crushed peppermint soap by Typography Soaps, Kent and London dresser, "Y" & "X" lamps by Kafka Designs. "Bedtime Stories" by Tiago da Fonseca "Typography" table by Justin LamontRichard Mollon's Anita "DESIGN" shelf

London Design duo Oscar and Ewan offer up fab signage that swings mesmerisingly in the wind

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