Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hang about...

 These are just dyed scraps of muslin cut into squares, ironed into triangles and hung alongside dripping fairy lights. Very simple and effective, and whilst they've been done here for a wedding, once you've put in the initial effort of making them you can bring them out to make any occasion special. Or just leave them up as a permanent fixture.

If your skills go a little further than cutting squares you could try your hand at:

And if you're up for creating your own hanging installation and need some inspiration, the below are by  London based artist Nicola Yeoman.

Or if you have no time, buckets of cash and want to go kinetic, get the professionals in. Xavier Veilhan is the modern day Calder, and his mobiles work just as well in small modernist flats (£s permitting) as they do in ornate and grand public spaces. I imagine when spinning they conjure up images of mythical solar systems.

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